Born in 1980 in Seoul, Korea
Lives and works in Seoul, Korea

2015 M.F.A. Fine arts in Print making.  Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

2008 B.F.A.  Textile and Fashion Design.  Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
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Watching a three- to four-year-old child’s free-wheeling sense of drawing which is enviable enough become standardized over time under the influence of various media, I have been curious of the effects of media and the society that imposes certain standards and rules. In the midst of informa- tion provided unilaterally by the media, which includes various objects of vicarious satisfaction and empathy such as many goods and contents one can acquire simply by paying the money as well as the images of celebrities fabricated intentionally, I imagine what is the true story that I can narrate by myself.

My childhood was not filled with various experiences, but I was happy enough only by imagining fancy ideas when fiddling alone: a bit of lack, paradoxically, provided me with various bubbly fan- tasies. Maybe this is why I recall such an unrealistic image of any pictorial magazine even when hearing such ordinary words as “family travel.” This is not only my childish wish for the reality to be like a fairy tale, but also the combination of unconscious images resurfacing as various figures according to the emotions and situations made under the influence of media. I define this as my own reinterpreted FANTASY.

My fantasy is taken out to the reality in the process of reconstructing various emotions encoun- tered in everyday life. Coordination occurs in my mind between the complicated emotions that were not understandable or hard to encounter, such as those rising against politicians’ silly rhetorics or the wartime scenes which seem like computer games in contrast to the sorrowful narrations of children in a UNICEF advertisement, revolving around my curiosity about what a true story is. Doing my work, I feel as if I lied down on the bed carrying my child in my arm and reading her a bedtime story. I explain quietly the figures that emerged like bubbles in my mind, put exaggerated accents to question and exclamation marks, or equivocate what is hard to explain. In the end, for someone who feels the reality confusing, I include a story about happiness and warmth that I felt and thought.

Like the wonderful experience on a day in your childhood when you became able to read alone, in which the voices of many fairy-tale characters come up in your mind, I wholeheartedly wish for my works to address you with various colors of voices.


- Pretty Please, g.gallery,  Seoul

- SMALL SHOW,  innohome,  Seoul

- RECENT WORKS,  Gallery 4 Walls,  Seoul

- Special Order,  Gallery IANG,  Seoul


- 小品樂喜, Gallery JOEUN, Seoul, Korea
- Art Busan 2019, BEXCO, Busan, Korea
- 100MOVIES 100ARTISTS,  Lotte Avenuel Art Hall,  Seoul,  Korea

- The Fairy Tale,  l`espace71,  Seoul,  Korea
- KIAF,  COEX,  Seoul,  Korea
- Art Busan 2018, BEXCO, Busan, Korea
- 100ALBUMS 100ARTISTS,  Lotte Avenuel Art Hall,  Seoul,  Korea

- Africa GARDEN,  g.gallery,  Seoul,  Korea
- KIAF,  COEX,  Seoul,  Korea
- Design Art Busan 2017,  with ‘g.gallery’, F1963,  Busan,  Korea
- One Way Ticket,  Gallery 4 Walls,  Seoul,  Korea
- Present of Artist, Gallery SEIN, Seoul, Korea

- SUNNY-SIDE UP,  Gallery LVS,  Seoul,  Korea
- Majoongmool,  KIMREEAA Gallery,  Seoul,  Korea
- 10 Rooms,  Shinhan Bank ,  Boondang,  Korea

- Artisterium 2015, Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition,  Tbilisi,  Georgia

- Seoul Design Festival 2008 Exhibition,  COEX, Seoul,  Korea


- Franciscan Museum Gorica, Livno


- Benjarmine Moore Paint X Mercedez Benz Expirience

- Artwork for VOGUE, TBWA, HYUNDAI MOTORS, Korean Air, etc.

- Artist of Lemonade illustration Agency UK


-Visiting professor,  Hongik University, Seoul, Korea


- HP Turn On Award,  Noam Gallery,  Seoul,  Korea

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